Miguel Silva


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My daughter.


You, again!

A statue in the monument to Vittorio Emanuele II, Rome, Italy

With the sun in his eyes.

A statue in the monument to Vittorio Emanuele II, Rome, Italy

Coming from the shadow.

A showcase of a clothing store.

Catching the sun.

Welcome spring.

A simple jar.


Explosion of color and light.

In fall ...

Two paths, one staircase!

Double helix staircase in the Vatican museum.

The big eye.

A chandelier in CCB(http://www.ccb.pt/sites/ccb/pt-PT/Pages/default.aspx) - Lisbon, Portugal .

Interior of the Monastery of Santa Maria de Belém

Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon - Portugal.

The Mass.


Good morning.

The harmony of the classic.

A store of natural beauty products in Florence.


The movie!

Staircase in the Vatican museum - the less photographed.

Village at Serra Montemuro

Light reflections in the river Tiber.

Rome at night.

Rome at my feet.

Vatican City.

Magic light at the end of the day in Rome. Vatican City in the background.

Parque das Nações - Lisbon


A secondary school.

Lines that are reflected in the architecture.


Change of life.

Inside the Cathedral of Viseu.

Generations ...

There is life up there.

Only the top of a tree graced by sunshine.

Through The Window.

Photo from inside a room in a house coat, turned into rural tourism (Douro). It was made ​​by the window that had a small crack open.

Frosty morning.

Octagon OPA.

Inside the Duomo of Firenze

The transition.

A stone thrown into the lake and an inversion.

Way we are!

Game healthy.

Sex is not a game! Protect yourself.

The angels play with the stars.


Rome at night. Reflections in the Tibre.

The essay of a pianist.


The infinite.

Dash light

Spotlights on a ceiling of an outdoor shopping center. No editing.

High speed

This photo is not edited. It was only done with the camera. Zoom in/ Zoom out

The lonely.

Jerónimos - Lisboa

The trace of the plane.

No Photoshop edition.

The flock.

In the clouds.

Story of a photograph.

The lack of a tripod, and wishes to make a photo with her friend. And yet the lack of someone around!

Linden blossom.

Linden blossom in B&W.

Strolling in the History!

Cloisters of the Jeronimos - Lisbon. Portugal

Bread of Life!

Photo unedited. Photographed with the wind and just focus on the cob.

Caress of nature.

Inner peace.

Inside a Cathedral.

Emerged from light.

Light is the end of the day (19 h) and natural.

Red carpet with a 90 degree angle.

Natural light. Inside a Cathedral.

Wandering downstairs, upstairs. I

Wandering downstairs, upstairs. II

Wandering downstairs, upstairs. III

The bride and groom and the three paparazzi.

Synchronized crossing.

Like a bird.

Inversion of a dewdrop on a pine needles of a pine tree.

The fall of a King.

The core.

Arnaldo Pomodoro



Um lustre no CCB (http://www.ccb.pt/sites/ccb/pt-PT/Pages/default.aspx ) - Lisboa, Portugal.

The relativity of time.


Laminated light.

Shades of a large glazed surface to cut the light.

The lunar perigee passed by the tower of the church

Park of Nations - Lisbon

Place, where occurred the Lisbon World Exposition - 1998

On the wings of the dream.

A book takes us where we want. Read and dream.


Lisbon Airport.

Details of a tower.

Eiffel Tower.

Discreet look

Petit Palais - Paris

Shadows of death.

musée de l'Armée, Invalides - Paris


Trocadero - Paris.

Scraps of a life.

On the wall of a building next to Montmartre, Place di Tertre. Paris


On the steps of the Sacre-Coeur Basilica, this gentle man with all the passion with which he played on his harp.


Details of a gate in Assisi. Italy.

Stray cat.

In the treetops

The sun is natural. unedited

Satellite dish.

Spiderweb on a cold morning.

The traveler.

The family.

Hairpins, electric wire and some imagination ...

Spiral Triomphe.

Staircase at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Spiral Triomphe - downward.

Staircase at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

The brain.

Microscopic environment.

A condensation of remaining water in a plastic bottle.

Transportation in parallel.

Way to the tower.

Eiffel Tower from the Trocadero.

Suspended in time.

A tribute to those who have been suspended with life on September 11 to 10 years ago. Peace to the World.


The cleaner of tears.


Playing in what sense?

Without any kind of manipulation, only the projection of the light of day, against a dark ground, through a window.

Meeting of rivers.

The finding of light.

A child who admired the light at the end of day.


The church tower.

or enter ...... or leave .......

"Pont Neuf"



Heliport-shaped frog.

The Shepherd ...


Spring clothing and a filter in PS-CS5

Between life and death.

Image made in the cemetery, taking advantage of the reflection on the walls of two deposits on a rainy day.

Sunset in Firenze.

(2x6+2x6) = Parking prohibited.

The apple planet.

The Lord.

Intense green.


A frosty morning. The branches of the trees were frozen and the sun appeared to warm them.

Waves of port wine.

A small farmhouse in the Douro area where it is the most famous wine in the world - the Port Wine.

The Satanic cock.

I found a strange bump in the Douro region. I had never seen anything like it.

Play of Nature.

A small mushroom was born into a cone.

Quadrants of light.

The skylight X.

Night dream.

My city.

Hertzian waves.

An experience with the camera. No editing.

Cocas - The Frog.

Reflected moments.

Serenata without intervenors.

The ghost of the future!

In the Palace of Versailles, when I did a photo to this staircase (access forbidden) appeared at the time of clik this man.

The power of the mind!

"5 grams of rice!"

Amazingly, "5 grams of rice" could save a life ... it's worth thinking about.

Attached to your look.

Bufo de Bengala

The golden mummy.

In the Champs Elysees, near the Arc de Triumph.


Summit of the Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

Pattern Venetian masks.

A piece of heaven.

When everything seems black, suddenly appears a piece of heaven on our way. We need to look carefully.

Lines of light.

Filament of an incandescent lamp.

Worshippers of the Sun


Fire ladders in the City of Vigo. An inversion.

Caught in the shade.

V to infinity.

La Defense - Paris


Boundary line.

Movement of pedestrians on the checkerboard of life.

Fallen leaves

Fallen leaves is a collection of lyrical poems de Almeida Garrett, Portuguese writer.

Fallen leaves.

Colour version in response to my friend Jorge Hegel.

My nook.

In my town there is a small wood called Fontelo where I lose myself ...


Two lamps and an inversion of the image obtained ...

Maternal protection.

The podium.

The magic of autumn colors.

Autumn in the city.

The Walker.

Arrested by wires.

Sunrise just behind the mushroom.

The weight of the mosquito.

Blinded by the lights.

The group.

Light bath.

The light illuminated the end of the day part of this tree in the woods.


A fondness of nature.

Family - Father, mother, children and the dog.


Network communication.

The Kindergarten.

To the top.

Aerial view - farewell to the mushrooms.

Projecting itself.

Projection - "defense mechanism."

Stop inventing the recession ...

Fire flower.

The burner on my stove lit.


With its back.

The ghost behind the green.

Hello friends. I thought a lot and most important will be the one vote I live and work sharing we are developing. Of course, nobody is indifferent to injustice, because in Portugal there is a popular saying that "those who do not feel is not the son of good people." See that a revolt of our work that the community of photographers accepted as a good job, be neglected in a vile and cowardly. But will my reflection in order to accept such contempt as an asset. If a job is uncomfortable because it is well done, arouses passion and envy / hate. I will continue to have, to put my photos hoping they arouse passion / hatred and I must express my displeasure about it. I will give more importance to the friendly and encouraging word from some of you. Thanks to all the tenderness and for your wonderful work with which I learn and grow. Force these clicks.

The time window.

A light of faith.

Parallel worlds.

Lisbon Oceanarium.

Foray into the parallel world.


Lisbon Oceanarium.

I see dead people!

Lisbon Oceanarium.

Rainy day.

One of the two towers of the Church of Mercy in Viseu. Image reflected in a car.

Rainy day.

The same photo, but with a crop at the top by Manuela Silva's suggestion.

Facing the light.

Lost in the forest.

An acorn. Chegou a ter 97,9. Mas :(

El rei D. Duarte.

Statue of King Duarte in Viseu - Portugal.

And I?

Fragrances of winter.

Shadows of a winter morning.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all friends 500px.

Thank you for all of you.

The big bird.


Palace of Versailles.


Reflection and inversion.

Sea of ​​light.

Painting with light.

Taking a walk.

On the edge.

The dream of flying.


2012 No edition.

Flying Circle.

I also have a camera, but in my head.

The big red bird.

Barbed and reflected.


Passion for Echer.